About Democrats of Greater Tucson

Democrats of Greater Tucson is Arizona’s only weekly forum for Democrats. Every meeting has speakers addressing subjects of political or community interest. Frequently, Democratic candidates announce their candidacies and present their platforms at our meetings.

You can pay our annual $20 dues via ActBlue:


or by sending a check to P.O. Box 41573, Tucson, AZ, 85717.

  • For general inquiries about DGT, please contact President Larry Bodine at Larry@TheDGT.org or call (520) 577-9759.
  • If you are interested in speaking at a DGT meeting on Mondays at Noon, contact Sandee Binyon via email: sandeemb@comcast.net or phone (520) 271-6235.

The Democrats of Greater Tucson’s meets every Monday at 12 noon, online via Zoom. Our Zoom meetings are very popular and to attend, and you can register to watch them on your computer on the DGT EVENTS page.

Why DGT?

The Democrats of Greater Tucson will celebrate its 41st year in November 2020. Before 1979 DGT was known as the Young Democrats of Greater Tucson, but as some of our members began to mature we thought a name change was appropriate. We achieved this longevity through the dedication of many volunteers as the maxim that all Democrats get to speak.

As long as one is a “Member of the Democratic Party,” one could get on the speaker’s list. As a result, DGT attendees have heard from Democrats across the wide spectrum of the party, leaving all who participate richer as the result.

Democrats of Greater Tucson Board Members for 2021

Larry Bodine
Larry BodinePresident
When Covid hit in March 2020, I worked with our Board to re-establish the meetings on Zoom, established a vibrant website with 250 articles, built up a 2,000-name mailing list, updated the Facebook page with 1,500 likes, and set up a YouTube page with 40 videos of meetings. My aim is for 2021 to be the year DGT becomes more important, diverse, and attractive to a wider audience.
Sandee Binyon
Sandee BinyonFirst Vice Chair - Speakers
I am in charge of arranging for the weekly speakers and have already started to schedule speakers for the year 2021. I have enjoyed lunch with DGT in many different restaurants over the last 20 years. I am delighted that technology allowed us to continue to hear speakers with information for Democrats of Greater Tucson area.
Kathy Ramage-White
Kathy Ramage-WhiteSecond Vice Chair - Membership
It’s a wonderful time to be not just a Democrat in Arizona, but an active member of the Democrats of Greater Tucson, as we explore various Democratic candidates and issues. I am honored to play a role in the DGT.
Steve Linder
Steve LinderTreasurer
Steve has been the DGT Treasurer for several years. He was the Treasurer for Arizona Education Association Retired.
Christina Early
Christina EarlySecretary
Christina helps with membership list updates and MailChimp entry. She believes her contributions to DGT has helped support the President and Board member.
Steve Early
Steve EarlyAt Large
Before meetings went online, I set up the sound system at the restaurant. He feels that he has contributed to the organization by supporting the Board, attending all meetings, and helping the President with ideas and mailings.
Jeanne Christie
Jeanne ChristieAt Large
I started attending DGT meetings ten years ago. I was a Monday morning front desk volunteer at Democratic HQ. I coordinated the DGT Annual Awards Luncheon for four years. For several years, I was also the DGT representative to the PCDP Executive Committee. When Dragon View restaurant closed, a few of us found the Kettle Restaurant. Larry Bodine has done an incredible job as President throughout this COVID nightmare. I am proud to be part of DGT and its Board and would love to continue as a Board member.
Susie Anderson
Susie AndersonAt Large
I have been a member of the Democrats of Greater Tucson for about four years. Working online during the pandemic has made it much more challenging to inform our group and much more fun. It has been a rewarding experience in performing new and different tasks
Tony Zinman
Tony ZinmanAt Large
I have been on the DGT board for three years. I have volunteered in every Democratic Presidential campaign since I was 17 in 1984, and was proud to work hard for Biden/Harris and Mark Kelly this year. I have helped organize and attended numerous rallies and protest during the darkness of the last four years. I am also founder and co-chair of the local group Tucson Jews for Justice, which organizes the local progressive Jewish Community. I am also very active in local gun violence prevention groups like Moms Demand Action. In my day job, I work as a juvenile Public Defender for Pima County.
Lee Oler
Lee OlerAt Large
A longtime DGT member, Lee donated $100 to buy a webcam for DGT Zoom meetings. She plays violin in the Civic Orchestra of Tucson. Lee is a retired music teacher, is active in the Sierra Club and the Southern Arizona Beagle Rescue, and lives in LD3. In 2008, Lee was honored, along with Felicia May and Marilyn Freed, by receiving the Award for Outstanding Service to DGT.
Mike Bryan
Mike BryanAt Large
Michael is a progressive Democrat who founded the liberal Blog For Arizona in 2003. Earlier, he ran Drinking Liberally meetings for six years. From LD9, he manages updating the DGT website.
Brian Bickel
Brian BickelPast President
Brian was DGT President for two years. He is a former candidate for Pima County Treasurer and Pima County Supervisor.

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