About Democrats of Greater Tucson

DGT President Larry Bodine

DGT President Larry Bodine

Democrats of Greater Tucson is Arizona’s only weekly forum for Democrats. Every meeting has speakers addressing subjects of political or community interest.  Frequently,  Democratic candidates announce their candidacies and present their platforms at our meetings.

The Democrats of Greater Tucson’s meets every Monday at 12 noon, online via GoToWebinar. The webinars are very popular and to attend, and you can register to watch them on your computer on the DGT EVENTS page.

Why DGT?

The Democrats of Greater Tucson will celebrate its 41st year in November 2020. Before 1979 DGT was known as the Young Democrats of Greater Tucson, but as some of our members began to mature we thought a name change was appropriate. We achieved this longevity through the dedication of many volunteers as the maxim that all Democrats get to speak.

As long as one is a “Member of the Democratic Party,” one could get on the speaker’s list.  As a result, DGT attendees have heard from Democrats across the wide spectrum of the party,  leaving all who participate richer as the result.

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