Aaron Lieberman’s Private and Public Experience Positions Him to be Arizona Governor

Legislative District 28 State Representative Aaron Lieberman’s career as an educator, entrepreneur, and legislator has demonstrated that he is dedicated to helping people by looking for ways to collaborate with others to solve problems.

As a member of the Arizona State House, Representative Lieberman has supported:

  • Protecting voting rights for all Arizonans.
  • Promoting public safety.
  • Protecting the environment.
  • Helping the most vulnerable like wanting an expansion of KidsCare, increased funding for childcare, and additional monies for affordable housing.
  • Fully funding education.
  • Civil Rights Protections for everyone regardless of race, religion, gender orientation, or sexual preference.
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Representative Lieberman has also:

  • Coordinated efforts between the City of Phoenix and the Arizona Department of Transportation to reroute pipeline that would have damaged 13 acres of “pristine” mountain preserve and residents near Piestewa Peak.
  • Helped teachers receive professional development during the pandemic so they could effectively conduct digital-distance learning.
  • Secured community college scholarships for the unemployed and $5,000 grants for small business assistance during the Coronavirus.

Lieberman feels the experience he has in both the private and public sector makes him the ideal candidate to become Arizona’s next Governor.

If elected to the Governorship in 2022, Lieberman will focus on:

  • Helping the state fully recover from COVID 19.
  • Fully fund education.
  • Assisting small businesses.
  • Expanding quality and affordable health care.
  • Protecting the environment and creating expanded opportunities to obtain sustainable clean energy.

Lieberman graciously took the time to answer questions regarding his candidacy for Arizona Governor. The questions and his responses are below.

1)    Compared to the other already declared Gubernatorial Candidates, what are two qualifications for Governor that sets you apart from them?

  • “My experience outside the legislature as a social entrepreneur building complex organizations, creating and leading diverse teams to accomplish a shared vision is one qualification, Acelero Learning and Jumpstart are two of those organizations.  The ability to bring people together from all stakeholder groups to achieve great things makes me very qualified.
  • Serving three years in the state legislature, including serving on the appropriations, education, and natural resources committees, gave me a crash course in how the state government works.
  • That combination of private and public sectors makes me uniquely qualified to be governor.
  • The Governor is the most distinct job in the state. You are the chief executive officer for the state and my private sector executive experience will serve me well.”

 2)    What are at least three major goals you would pursue if elected Governor?

 “Doing everything to help the state recover from COVID 19 and that includes education, healthcare, and small business assistance.

  • Education: we need to take every last dollar and invest it in education like universal Pre-K, more pay for teachers, and increasing access to community college. The goal there is to make more investments to help Arizonans be more successful.
  • Health Care: we need to do all we can to get Arizonans greater access to high-quality, affordable health care. Expanding eligibility for KidsCare for low-income women to get medical care for their children is one example.
  • Clean Air and clean water: we should ensure that Arizonans have greater access to clean air and water.

3)    If elected, please describe at least two ways your administration would be different from the last two Republican (Brewer and Ducey) ones.

 “All those issue areas that I just described. I would make the investments in education, health care, and clean air and water that they did not.

  • Diversity and qualifications of the people that would serve as agency heads, board members, and appointed judges. The appointments I make will be the most qualified and diverse in Arizona history, reflecting the population of the state.”

 4)    With regard to children, what are at least two policies you would pursue?

  • “Expansion of KidsCare.
  • Universal PreK
  • Reducing class sizes.
  • Affordable and high-quality childcare by restoring and increasing funding for it.”

5)    With regard to Arizona’s most vulnerable populations (homelessness, the hungry, orphans for example) what are at least two policies you would pursue?

  • “The low-income housing tax credit will increase the supply of affordable housing.
  • Increasing the investment in the Housing Trust Fund. In FY 2019, we put in $25 million and did not put anything in there this year.”

 6)    With regard to maintaining Arizona’s safe and accessible water supply, what are at least two policies you would pursue?

  • “Give our rural counties the ability to manage their water supply.
  • Bring people together to work on the solution and manage the process to which we convert agricultural to domestic usage.”

 7)    With regard to sustainability and developing clean energy resources, what are at least two policies you would pursue?

 “Support the electrification of our cars. I supported clean energy grants that passed through the House. We need to look at everything that is happening in the state to accomplish this.

  • We need to encourage solar at all levels. If all the utilities paid the same for rooftop solar, that would be huge.”

8)    With regard to relations with Mexico, what are at least two policies you would pursue? 

  • “We need to continue the investment and focus on how Arizonan and Mexican trading partners do well together.
  • We need to develop the infrastructure of I-11 in the Western part of the state from Nogales to Las Vegas.
  • Everyone coming across the border are people and needs to be treated with dignity.
  • The border is a federal responsibility. We need to help cooperate with the Feds to carry out their responsibility to make a safe and secure border.”

9)    With regard to law enforcement, what are at least two policies you would pursue?

  • “Common sense policies that can benefit law enforcement and the people and help both of them feel safer, such as body cameras and a database of police officers who have been disciplined on the job.”

For more information on Representative Aaron Lieberman and his candidacy to be the next Arizona Governor, see https://www.aaron4az.com/

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