I’m home in Delaware, and like many of you, I’m focusing on finding the joy in little things like being home with Jill, my grandkids coming over to talk through the screened porch, and having more time to call small-dollar donors and volunteers and hearing their unique stories.

And I’m grateful for the way the lens has shifted to our unsung heroes, the essential workers who have for far too long not been seen for the work that they do to keep our lives moving along every day. Stocking our shelves, delivering our mail, caring for our aging family members, they are people who didn’t hear thank you enough before, and now we are yelling it from the rooftops.

I put together some thoughts to share with you today. I hope there is some comfort here. I hope this reminds you we’re all in this together.

What I’m Reading This Week:

Democrats Show Fund-Raising Energy in Key Senate Races – The New York Times
Winning a Senate majority will pave the way for everything from building on the Affordable Care Act to fighting the climate crisis. It’s incredibly important. We have real momentum in states Republicans thought were strongholds. Even in these challenging times, folks are stepping up to power huge grassroots fundraising hauls for Democratic Senate candidates, through one small-dollar donation at a time. It’s powerful, and it will help us all win in November.

Now that we’re entering the general election phase of the campaign, every dollar will be put toward building the operation that will beat Donald Trump in November.

It’s a hard time to ask for money, and I understand you may not be able to give. But if you can, we could use your support. My finance team tells me if just 10% of the people who read this chip in, we will hit our donation goal for the day.
So please, chip in $11 today to help us get there:


Campaign Updates

Last week I was honored to welcome Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to our campaign team and I am looking forward to working with them as we create a Democratic platform that is inclusive to all.

I was also proud to earn the endorsement of my friend President Barack Obama. Serving as his Vice President was one of the honors of my life, and I look forward to campaigning with him in the coming months.

The general election has already started. Trump has invested in false, negative ads against me that try to distract from his own failings in dealing with China that have led us down an avoidable path with this pandemic.

Former Deputy Secretary of State in our administration and now my senior foreign policy advisor, Tony Blinken, made a video with our campaign that outlines this.You can watch it here >>



My team has been hard at work making policy plans that could help Americans now, and for when the time comes to rebuild after we have come out on the other side of this pandemic.

I know I am not the presumptive president, I am just the presumptive Democratic nominee, but I have said since the beginning of this campaign that anyone elected will need to be ready on day one to rise to our current challenges and I take that incredibly seriously.

As I shared last time, I have offered my help to President Trump and encourage him to take any and all of these policies. Below are some plans you can count on me to implement if I am elected, although I hope they can be implemented sooner:

The Biden 4-Point Plan for Essential Workers
To put it plainly, our essential workers have been saving our hides on the frontlines of this pandemic. But the truth is these roles are often filled by our lowest-paid workers. It’s unacceptable. Here, I lay out 4 things we can do right now to protect and support them. It can’t wait.

The Biden Plan to Scale Up Employment Insurance by Reforming Short-Time Compensation Programs
The unemployment claim numbers every week are startling, and there are actions we can take now to curb them. One thing we can do is get all 50 states to scale up short-time compensation programs. We outline it here.

Spread The Faith

Last Thursday, Switzerland projected an image onto one of their tallest mountains, The Matterhorn. The image? The American flag. We have friends rooting for us from around the world, America.

In cities across the country at 7 pm you can hear clapping as health care workers change shifts as part of the “Clap Because We Care” movement. In hospitals across the country, outside firehouses, you can see people at a safe distance, with signs, cheering, celebrating. It’s more than just saying thank you, it’s unifying to celebrate one another. Here’s a video The Guardian put together of New Yorkers clapping for frontline workers. You can watch it here.

What’s Coming Up

Podcast today: I’m on the podcast with Senator Amy Klobuchar. She’s been at the forefront of making sure Americans can vote safely, so we’ll catch up on what we can do to make sure our voting and our democracy are safe. You can listen to all episodes here >>

Soul of the Nation Saturday: Saturday marks one year since we launched this campaign. We’ll be hosting virtual organizing meetings around the country to talk about how we can organize in our communities for this campaign but also to help our neighbors and support our local heroes and frontline workers. Sign up here to host a virtual event or here to attend one.

Livestreams and Virtual Town Halls: Keep following JoeBiden.com/Live for virtual Town Halls and discussions.

I know that as a country we will come out of this strong, and better at using video conference calls. (Jill and I are having some struggles here, too, but we’re getting better!)

There’s nothing we can’t do if we do it together. But let’s all agree to mute when we’re not talking.

Keep the Faith!