A great day for Democrats: Teran Leads AZDems, Ward to Guide GOP into a Ditch

Raquel Teran, a State Representative from Legislative District 30, became the new head of the Arizona Democratic Party with 75 percent of the vote on the first ballot.

Trumpist Coup Plotter Kelli Ward barely won a second ballot victory to retain her position as head of the Arizona Republican Party.

Arizona Democrats passed resolutions condemning Trump and the January 6 Insurrection, apologizing to Native Americans for the cultural and economic damage done to them by the Trump Border Wall, calling for the restoration of the integrity of the judicial system, and citing racism as a public health emergency.

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The Arizona Republicans, in an apparent suicide attempt at party unity, passed resolutions censuring Cindy McCain (the widow of the Senator and 2008 Republican Presidential Nominee,) Doug Ducey (the sitting Republican Governor), and Jeff Flake (the last elected Republican Senator other than McCain.)

The Democrats had defenders of the Nation’s Capitol from the Trumpist Domestic Terrorists like Ruben Gallego as guests.

The Republicans had the Trumpist Domestic Terrorist Enablers ( Coup Plotters Andy Biggs and Paul Gosar) as featured speakers.

The Democrats held their convention virtually to ensure everyone’s health and safety.

The Republicans held a mostly maskless, virtually no social distancing, in-person potential Coronavirus superspreader event in their science-denying quest to find out if there is a God.

To the people of the Grand Canyon State, the contrast could not be clearer.

This was a great day for Arizona Democrats and potentially, if they plan and turn out well, their electoral fortunes in the upcoming election cycles.

Chairperson Teran addresses the Virtual Convention

At the end of the Convention, the newly elected Democratic Chairperson appeared and thanked her predecessor Felecia Rotellini for her hard work and leadership these last four years in helping make Arizona bluer.

Saying she was “thrilled and grateful” to the convention delegates and others for their support, Teran vowed to “build on the 2020 victories” by listening to other’s ideas,  being transparent, being open in communicating, committing to spreading progressive values, and “fighting for every single vote in every single county.”

In a social media post, Chairperson Teran wrote:

“Thank you, fellow Democrats! I am truly humbled by your trust and I can’t wait to get to work. Thank you to all who join our vision for the future of the Arizona Democratic Party.  Thank you to those who made calls in our support. Thank you for your support precinct committee members and state committee members.  Thank you to the Electeds, Labor, Community Partners, and Movement organizations who endorsed us. I also want to thank Sarah Tyree for running. Thank you for your dedication to continue shaping Arizona.


The Other Members of the New Arizona Democratic Party Leadership Team.

The other victors in races to lead the Arizona Democratic Party are:

  • First Vice-Chairperson: Paul Stapleton-Smith
  • Senior Vice-Chairperson: Ann Heitland
  • Vice-Chairpersons: Shanna Leonard, Lynsey Robinson, Alexandra Placenza, Ray Frey, Michael Slugocki, and Dan Toporek.
  • Party Secretary: Suzanne Hug
  • Party Treasurer: Rich McGuire
  • Party Education Coordinator: Brianna Westbrook
  • Affirmative Action Moderator: Xenia Orona

Chairperson Rotellini says Goodbye. 

In her last public event as Chairperson, Felecia Rotellini thanked the members of the Arizona Democratic Party for “entrusting me with the party the last three years.”

Former Arizona Democratic Party Chairperson Felecia Rotellini

She thanked and gave credit to the many people that volunteered or worked in legislative districts, county party headquarters, Mission for Arizona, and the Arizona Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee for the progress the party made from the 2016 to the 2020 election cycles in local, state, and national races.

Saying “we are a blue state but we have a lot of work to do to keep it a blue state,” Rotellini told the audience to remember that:

  • “Democratic values are American values.”
  • “Party of Lincoln is no longer recognizable.”
  • “Democrats fight for Democracy and our Constitution.”
  • “We fight for Democratic values, not through mobs, but through the vote.”
  • “We’re not done yet.”

Moving Forward

While recognizing the Democratic Party has made strides over the last four years by gaining in the State Legislature and Corporation Commission, winning two United States Senate Seats,  and securing Arizona’s Electoral Votes for Joe Biden, it was also clear that more work needed to be done.

Party Delegates and Election specialists recognize the key to better Democratic performance in future election cycles is:

  • Better education outreach to get voters to turn out and vote for down-ballot local and county races.
  • Supporting the great officeholders already in place and recruiting dynamic ones for other electoral contests.
  • Registering more Democratic minded voters to counter the hidden Trumpist support that showed up and made a difference in local and county races Democrats thought they would prevail in.

Today’s developments in both the Arizona Democratic and Republican Party’s maybe a first step to accomplishing those goals for the Democrats.

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