DGT Salon with Progressive Veterans from Common Defense of Arizona

For our kickoff evening Salon on March 24, 2022, we presented three progressive veterans from CommonDefense.us, the country’s largest veteran-led grassroots organization committed to mobilizing veterans to elect accountable leaders and promote progressive values in 2022 and beyond. Not all veterans are conservatives and Republicans.

Sgt. Sylvia Andersh, USAF
Sgt. Michael O’Connell, USMC
Sgt. Caleb Hayter, USMC

We have three wonderful Arizona veterans joining us to explain the history, mission, and work of this progressive organization and to discuss those topics with our DGT community:

  • Sgt. Caleb Hayter, USMC. He will lead off with his videos and presentation about Common Defense and its work here in Arizona.
  • Sgt. Sylvia Andersh, USAF. She will follow with her experience with Common Defense and resignation from Senator Sinema’s Veterans’ Advisory Council
  • Sgt. Michael O’Connell, USMC. He will describe his experience in field organizing and getting progressive veterans to vote.

Caleb and Michael are both grassroots organizers for Common Defense working to mobilize progressive vets here in Arizona and nationally. Sylvia was a member of Sen. Sinema’s Veterans’ Advisory Council who made national news when she and others resigned in protest in 2021.

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