7 Ways to Stay Politically Active in the Time of Coronavirus

  Prepared by LD9 PC/Volunteer Development Committee; April 2020.

#1 Participate in the 2020 Census

Every year, billions of dollars in federal funding go to hospitals, fire departments, schools, roads, and other resources based on census data. Click here to fill out your census form online: https://2020census.gov/

#2 Tell Governor Ducey you want him to take immediate action to change Arizona into an all-mail election. Click here for the “comment” page:


Select “I am making a comment” under Reason for Contacting the Governor and fill out the form.

Please select “Coronavirus COVID-19” for the subject. Use the following suggested comment or write your own: “We have been warned by public health officials that millions of Americans could die if we do not do our part to avoid person-to-person contact. No one should be forced to decide between voting and staying healthy. We NEED to switch to an all-mail election for the rest of the year to keep our voters, poll workers, and community safe.”

#3 Stay connected in LD9: Attend our monthly meetings via Zoom teleconferencing. Everyone on LD9’s mailing list will receive an email invitation to the Zoom meetings. If you are not currently on our mailing list, fill out this form: https://ld9dems.com/volunteer/

Also be sure to “Like” the LD9 Facebook page (LD9 Democrats Pima County, Arizona) to receive lively posts on a variety of topics

#4 Keep in touch with your local state reps, Rep. Randy Friese, Pamela Powers-Hannley and Senator Victoria Steele. Visit their web sites and sign up for their email newsletters to receive regular notifications and updates about local issues and bills.

Pamela Powers-Hannley – https://powersforthepeople.net

Victoria Steele – http://victoriasteeleforsenate.com/

Randy Friese – http://www.drfrieseforhouse.com/

#5 Help Indivisible and VoteFWD with their letter-writing campaign to reach voters in important states. Letter writers will save their letters and send them right before the election so that voters receive them at the perfect, most-strategic moment. Click here for more information:


#6 Participate in a virtual phone bank in support of Mission for Arizona, the organization helping to elect Mark Kelley and other local Democrats up and down the ballot. Here’s a link to their web site: https://www.mobilize.us/missionforaz/

#7 Become a Tucson Mutual Aid Volunteer and help make food and supply drop-offs to people’s front doors. Click here for more information:


#8 For a comprehensive list of at-home volunteer options from a variety of organizations, check out


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