Jen O'Malley DillonThe Biden Campaign held an online Grassroots Strategy Summit with Campaign Manager Jen O’Malley Dillon on May 17, 2020 (see the video at the bottom).

Three things you can do now to support Biden for President:

  1. Download the Team Joe app on your cell phone. Simply text APP to 30330 on your phone.
  2. Join the Soul Squad (we are in a battle for the soul of America) and get weekly updates, photos, and videos. Visit, scroll down, and sign up.
  3. Connect to a Biden organizer by visiting and get on the team by chatting with an organizer.

Trump knows he is in trouble and that’s why he’s making constant, stupid distractions every day. This election will be a referendum on Trump.

Arizona is a key battleground state (along with Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin). Even though Arizona has been a Republican state in the past, things will change in 2020. The campaign will build on the foundation established by Mark Kelly and US Senator Kyrsten Sinema.

The Biden team is building a coalition of young, African-American, and LatinX voters. This will include suburban voters, college-educated voters, and women as a group, who have become more supportive of Biden since 2018, according to Dillon.

A majority believe that Biden is the right leader for this moment:

  • 51% believe Joe Biden has the experience our country needs in a president during a crisis.
  • 57% believe Biden would help the middle class better than Trump.
  • 55% believe that Biden can help heal and unify the country.

In contrast, 56% of Americans disapprove of the way Trump is handling his job as President.

  • Only 41% approve of the job Trump is doing — at a time when unemployment is at 14.7%
  • 62% believe Trump is failing to lead in the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Trump is not fighting for the working class — only 31% believe Trump’s policies favor the middle and working class.
  • Trump is leading a corrupt recovery — 73% have serious concerns that COVID money for small businesses is going to big corporations instead.

By June 2020, the Biden campaign will have 600 organizers sent to all the battleground states. The organization will be on the ground and in-person. “This is for all the marbles,” Dillon said. The campaign will take a customized approach to Arizona, including a new website, a new Livestream platform, and a new podcast.

Biden is building an unprecedented digital campaign, include Facebook organizing teams, outspending Trump on Facebook and Google, and producing 112 million organic video views. Between the Biden campaign and the DNC, there is $103M in cash on hand. Donations are ramping up, and 87% of donations are coming in at less than $2,000. The average digital donation is $29.